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What We Offer That The Others Do Not

        • You OWN the website & domain name. Be careful, as others will keep ownership of the domain or site or take a % of your sales for ‘processing’ fees.
        • No monthly hosting fees. Don’t pay $30 to $200+ per month. Host your site with whoever you like! (Just Host charge only $60 per year).
        • You don’t need to pay a web designer thousands of $$ to put the site together for you and then wait months for this to be done.
        • Our stores come complete – we have created the business concept based on market demand & research.
        • Our stores are SEO friendly and have been optimised for the search engines. Be careful as most other platforms are outdated or not friendly with the search engines.
        • You get access to a professional & experienced Business Coach PLUS access to our training library to show you step by step how to operate & market your store.
        • We connect you to suitable suppliers locally or overseas.
        • Your web store is built from scratch using a popular shopping cart platform & Word Press, one of the most powerful, responsive & search engine friendly platforms around.
        • We upload active products, saving you the hassle of sourcing suppliers and uploading products yourself.
        • We offer a one stop shop for your eCommerce store. Everything is provided. No other business offering eCommerce stores in Australia offer this kind of service.
        • Our stores are easy to use and manage yourself so no paying for expensive web designers making site changes.
        • We provide the best & proven marketing advice to ensure your store makes money as soon as you launch!

Ten Reasons Why Owning an Online Business is a Smart Idea

      1. Run your business from ANYWHERE in the world

      2. Get tax benefits from having a home-based business

      3. Be your own boss & have the freedom to do what you want to do!

      4. NO expensive overheads or shop rent

      5. NO staffing issues because you don’t need any!

      6. NO cap on your income potential

      7. Access customers all around the world

      8. It doesn’t require you to be selling; your website does the selling for you

      9. Sales can be made whilst you sleep

      10. It only requires 5-10 hours a weeks to maintain and run

Now if that isn’t a good enough reason to consider starting an online business to make a secondary income, think about this:

The whole world is turning to the Internet to buy goods. Sales in physical stores are down and sale in online stores are through the roof! By 2016 online spending in Australia online will DOUBLE to $30 Billion. Wouldn’t you agree that NOW is the best time to get in?