The 10 Elements That All Great Soloists Share

Everyone at some point in time has had the desire to start their own business and go it alone.  Owning and operating your own company can be a richly rewarding experience.  However, it can also be extremely challenging and very lonely at times.  Unfortunately, few individuals have actually seen their dreams come to fruition while even fewer have been successful at it.  In most cases, you will discover that great leaders and soloists usually have the following 10 elements in common.

  • Approaching things from a commercial perspective and developing a solid understanding of the business world and how it functions
  • Collaboration skills for those times when you cannot do everything yourself
  • Diligence, good work ethics, and resisting the temptation to slack off
  • Enthusiasm and passion to help you get through long work weeks
  • Fast learning capabilities and continually educating oneself in order to develop new skills and overcome the lack of any training programs
  • Having a sense of perspective as well as a sense of humour and not sweating the small stuff or those things that are beyond your control
  • Multi-tasking capabilities for handling multiple clients and project deadlines while at the same time being the administrator, bookkeeper, and marketer
  • Razor-sharp focus and ignoring the distractions
  • Self-motivation for generating work and being proactive during slow periods
  • Versatility for handling different projects and tasks that would normally be delegated to different individuals

Having a great idea for a business and bringing it to life is only the first step on your journey towards a successful career as a soloist.  Granted, the ability to find an innovative and unique idea is pretty rare.  However, the ability to employ the 10 elements above while and attaining success when executing that idea is what separates individuals who only dream about their ideas from those who become successful soloists.