How To Get Deeper, Better Sleep

Most of the time when we talk about the importance of time management to an entrepreneur, we focus on getting the most of your day. But getting the most out of your nights, particularly that critical “recharge” period we call bedtime is just as—if not more—important. The quality of your rest at night impacts the course of your entire day, and there are actually ways to ensure you make the most of it. Here are a few ways how.

Your Bed Is For Sleep

Your bedroom should be where you go to sleep. It should not be your second home theater, TV room, library, or, worst of all, office. An important part of rest is being in the right frame of mind, and keeping the bed and bedroom as a place of rest, not work or distraction, is one way of building up that “sleep momentum” for a more restful night. Even if you like working in your bedroom, try not to do it in bed, get a chair or desk.

Drink Herbal Tea

Even though they call it decaf, that coffee isn’t 100% free of caffeine. What’s more, some people are extremely susceptible to the placebo effect, and even just knowing that a decaf cup of coffee is “coffee” can trick the body into feeling like it should have a jolt of energy. During the evenings, try drinking herbal tea instead, which can be quite restful, and even encourage relaxation and drowsiness with the right kind of tea.

Change Your Display

Blue lights used with screens—especially for displays designed to compete with broad daylight—can have an impact on both your eyes and your state of restfulness. This is because blue light, which occurs in higher amounts in artificial light systems such as screens, negatively affects melatonin production which is a substance in our bodies that help us to sleep. Try to minimize your exposure to sources of blue light before bedtime.