5 Tips For Creating A Harmonious Work/Life Balance

Over the past decade, the desire to create a harmonious work/life balance is a common interest shared by increasing numbers of entrepreneurs.  Unfortunately, though many of them are aspiring to do so, most have admitted that they have failed to achieve that balance while others have given up trying altogether.  Striking a balance is very difficult, especially when you are first starting your business.  However, the following 5 tips may help you establish the balance you desire.

  • Delete those activities from your weekly schedule that tend to drain your energy and use up an unnecessary amount of time.  You might want to brush up on your time management skills as this could be helpful where this is concerned.
  • Maintain those hobbies and interests that you truly enjoy while cutting back on those that are less important.  Additionally, you should include some time for socialising.  These will you to de-stress and relax.
  • Re-think those household chores and/or errands that are the most time-consuming and consider outsourcing these.  In other words, can you hire someone to mow your lawn? Is there a service for ordering your groceries and having them delivered? Why not order your stamps online instead of fighting with the crowds at the post office?
  • Surround yourself with a group of family members, friends, and co-workers.  These people will be your support group and the ones that will be the most understanding when you are busy or things are not going well for you.
  • When you sit down to plan out your next week, be sure you schedule in some downtime with your family and/or friends as well as some activities that will help you get recharged.


Sometimes things may not go according to plan, but at least the people you surround yourself with will understand when this is happening and that you are trying to maintain your work/life balance in the process.