Can I Start A Business Without Having Any Tech Savvy?

During every generation, there were certain changes that occurred in the retail world that no one could have ever predicted. Those changes cannot be ignored, even in today’s retail marketplace. For instance, at the turn of the 20th century, 80 cents out of every dollar was being spent on clothing, coal, coffee, horse feed, and rum. Today that same 80 cents is being spent using credit and debit cards. Then again, during the 1980’s, none of us ever thought that Sunday would become the second busiest retail day of the week either.

So if anyone tells you that eCommerce, retail-apps for mobile devices, shopping over the internet, and social networking are just fads or trends, remind them of the information in the above paragraph. Today’s consumer is an entirely different breed. For example, they are considerably more analytical, highly educated, and will spend hours:

  • participating in online forums to get tips on where to shop for what they want
  • playing games or “tweet” about their day’s experiences on their mobile phones
  • pre-paying for their items using PayPal (the world’s #1 payment processor
  • reading online consumer reviews about the products or services they are interested in while researching products and prices over the internet
  • using mobile apps to search for clothing or coffee stores

Today, it is all about using social media platforms for advertising as well as marketing their brand, their companies, and the products or services they sell and not just socializing.

So in answer to the question “can I start a business without having any tech savvy?”, you probably can – and you may be able to succeed in the way that mushrooms are able to grow in a dark, humid place. Remember the opening paragraph above and that we are most likely in the midst of unpredictable change. Keep in mind that it will continue whether we adapt to those changes or not.