Don’t Let Your Business Be Threatened By the Success Of Others

The media has made a habit out of touting the success of big corporations, yet we rarely hear or read any success stories about the millions of smaller businesses out there. For the owners of small businesses, this constant media barrage of corporate successes can be discouraging, especially when you are investing just about every waking hour in your company’s growth. These success stories have the tendency to make small business owners question themselves and wonder what they are doing wrong.

What you have to realize is that these mega-success stories represent less than 1% of all the companies out there. As an aspiring entrepreneur who has just launched a start-up company, you shouldn’t even be listening to or reading these outlandish success tales. They won’t provide the type of motivation you need. They will only discourage and frustrate you. In most cases, these success stories are typically about venture-backed achievements and aren’t profit-based. Remember, there is no guarantee of success with venture capital investments.

What you need to realize is that even though many success stories are venture capital-based, there are numerous start-ups that fail in the long and short-term despite being venture-backed. Consequently, the reason we don’t hear that many success stories about companies backed by venture capital is because how those investments function. In the majority of the stories that you hear, success is attributed to 3 factors:

• Increasingly positive numbers • Profitability • Steady business growth

So how do you explain those success stories that are not venture-capital backed? You know they exist even though you don’t read the headlines in the tabloids. So how does a company start-up with only a $5,000 investment and 2 employees and wind up expanding and growing to over 70 employees within 7 years? Because those kinds of business owners didn’t get discouraged by the success of others and kept doing what they were good at.