Has Today’s Female Business Owner Fallen Prey To Chasing Other’s Visions of Success?

Many female business owners today are finding out that there is no such thing as a perfect balance between life and work.  In fact, according to National Association of Women Business Owners Chairperson Darla Beggs, today’s women business owners are feeling the frustration of chasing what others are saying is their vision of success.  Fortunately, for many other female entrepreneurs, outside opinions are no longer the gauge used to measure success in a business endeavor.

According to the Nat’l Association of Women Business Owners (NAWBO) and Web.com, women business owners have been able to find the fulfillment they were seeking by having the ability to do what they have always been passionate about while being their own boss and having a higher earnings potential was second in importance.  Ironically, family and flexibility was least important where finding fulfillment was concerned.

While conventional wisdom tells us that women want flexible schedules and/or a life-work balance, the reality is that the female business owner has a strong desire and a passion for owning their business.  Interestingly enough, the only bright spot career sector opportunities the past few years has been in companies that are female owned and operated.  While male-owned private firms have seen a decline in employment, the opposite holds true for women owned businesses.

Furthermore, research studies are showing how female-owned start-ups not only have a higher success rate, but they have built a business that has exceeded their goals and vision.  While the majority of the women business owners out there agree that owning and operating a business is no cakewalk, they are all very optimistic regarding their future and the future of their companies.  It is the love of seeing someone committed to a particular activity is what  drives many female business owners today, not so much the search for happiness and success.