How To Host A Terrific Tweet Chat For Your Social Media Strategy

One of the fastest growing social media networks in the world is Twitter. Twitter is used by millions of people every single day. Although Twitter is not yet the most popular social media application in Australia (that honour goes to Facebook), it is growing apace within the country and is expected to garner a very strong following in the next twelve months.

Twitter is unique among social media in the way it allows nearly instant communication among so many people from all over the country, or even the world. It’s a great idea for business owners to understand how to organise and operate a “tweet chat” to get the word out to their social media followers about their products, services, and value.

What The Heck Is A Tweet Chat, Anyway?
A “tweet chat” is a live, virtual event on Twitter organised around a specific topic. It is a great way to get people talking, make new connections, and increase exposure for your online business. It helps you establish thought leadership in your field.

How To Make Your Tweet Chat A Success

Pick A Memorable Hashtag
Hashtags are those little phrases preceded by the pound symbol. They serve as a signal to Twitter about what topics are being discussed at any given time. Having your hashtag “trend” in Twitter is a terrific way to attract more attention to your event, but to do so, it needs to be popular and memorable!

Establish A Time
Tweet chats don’t just form on their own. Focus on your audience and make sure that the time you establish for the event matches up with the people you are trying to communicate with. This can be challenging in a huge terrain like Australia, so just do your best.

Try It Out
Before you try to organise a tweet chat, you should try it out and get a better understanding of how this kind of distributed event works. A tweet chat can be a fun and effective way to get a discussion started and benefit your business, but it requires the right kind of moderation!

Promote It
When you decide to run a tweet chat, you should make a plan to start promoting it a good time in advance. Yes, attention spans are short on the internet, but it can be a good idea to get started on your promotional efforts some weeks sooner than the date of the event itself.

Pick A Great Topic
No one will come to a tweet chat if the topic isn’t engaging. Yes, you want to be sure that the event will help you build your brand, but that should be almost a secondary consideration. People want compelling discussion on a topic that interests them. Serve their needs and you’ll go a long way toward reaching your own goals.

Learning how to run a tweet chat is a great way to get started building a social media strategy for your business. Social media can help you to generate nearly instant “buzz” around your brand and establish you as a trusted expert that your customers will be willing to seek out more frequently.