How To Increase Sales With Social Media

Thanks to social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter, we have seen mobile shopping along with using the internet becoming the norm over the past couple of years.  As a result of this evolvement, these platforms are now playing quite a significant role in most online business operations.  So if you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, you might want to consider doing so shortly if you don’t want to be out-classed by your competitors.

Since many large businesses are investing in SMM (social media marketing), here are 5 strategies to consider for increasing your sales:

Be more personal – when you engage with your social media followers, it makes things more personal.  You benefit from this by building customer loyalty and developing long-term relationships in the process.

Develop your online store using social media – if you have established a Facebook page for your business, add your online store shopping cart to it.  WordPress allows you to do this with your blogs as well.  These tools are also mobile-friendly.  Advantage – YOU!

Hashtags can be powerful selling tools – Amazon is the best example of this.  Their hashtag (#AmazonCart) enables the consumer to add products to their shopping cart with a simple link and then come back to purchase it at a later time.

Make customer service Priority #1 – your company Facebook page or your Twitter username oftentimes becomes the consumer’s primary resource for customer service.  The last thing you need is for an unhappy customer to blast you with negativity among your other followers.

Mobile and social media work in conjunction with one another – there is no ignoring the fact that mobile shopping is just as popular as shopping at home over the internet.  Social media allow you to post deals and discounts along with compelling images, direct purchasing links, and promotional codes.