How To Monetise Blogs

Everybody has a blog these days. There are personal blogs and business blogs. For some it’s just a way to let the world know what their opinion is about whatever interests them. For others, it could be the way to make money if you know how to do it right.

One the best ways to make money with a blog is to sell advertising. Businesses are always looking for places to advertise online and depending on what the subject of your blog is you can probably attract advertisers related to that subject. If you want to actually sell advertising on your own you’ll have to wait until your blog becomes popular. But before that happens you can use an ad program that will pay you based on how often readers click on the ads that are usually directly related to the blogs content.

Using an affiliate program allows you to create a bridge between your blog and somebody who’s trying to sell something by providing a link to that business. If a reader clicks on the link and actually buys something, you’ll get a commission from the sale.

You can always ask your readers for a contribution, especially if you regularly blog about a cause or subject that helps keep your readers informed. You may be surprised at how willing people are to pay for the information you provide, but you’ll never know if they are until you ask.

Use your blog as a way to offer a service or product that you sell. It doesn’t have to a blatant sales pitch, but if you’re writing about that subject to begin with it doesn’t hurt to let your readers know that you can help them out with it.

Let your customers know about everything you do or offer. Although your blog may be on a specific subject, mentioning other things you can do or sell to the reader lets them know about other ways that you might be able to meet their needs.

Blogging doesn’t have to be solely about letting the world know your opinions about whatever interests you. More and more blogs are being used as a way to spread useful information that can also help earn you money. Don’t be afraid to step up and try it yourself.