How To Keep A Positive Mindset

So how is this topic relevant to business owners?  The most common trait of a successful entrepreneur, is their positive mindset.

Life is a series of challenges and opportunities, but some people seem able to not only weather any storm, but turn it into an adventure that leads to hidden treasures of wisdom and perseverance.

There is a combination of attitude and personality that contributes to this mental strength. Some people are born with this predisposition, while others may need to work at it, but the behaviour and actions that are exhibited contribute to the fortitude. Certain aspects of approaching hardships and challenges can certainly be emulated, and may act as a learning tool for others who are establishing a foundation of mental strength.

One major characteristic is the idea of taking responsibility. Instead of viewing the world as a vindictive place and luck as a random factor that may or may not occur, people who are mentally strong see cause and effect as directly linked to their own actions. With this point of view, an obstacle is something that should be overcome, rather than a hardship that must be endured. Instead of becoming dejected, the reaction is to take charge of the situation and own the consequences. This allows for an ability to move forward, rather than stay stalled in depression.

The proactive response is also an attitude of empowerment. This goes hand in hand with the sense of taking responsibility, since instead of giving personal power away to another person or to circumstances, people who are mentally strong will remain in the moment and retain their emotional control and perspective. The effect is that it allows for creative problem solving, and resolution through actively finding solutions, instead of just hoping for a break that is dependent upon outside forces. The retention of personal power is extremely important since it reinforces the individuation and self confidence that is a common trait for mentally strong people.

This confidence may seem like it is a rigid trait, but it is actually very allowing, especially in the face of change. Having confidence does not mean that a person is set in their ways as much as it means that person has the inner strength to allow for differences and changes, while still maintaining balance. A firm sense of self lets changes happen, because there is an acceptance that the change can provide opportunity, and this is always a positive thing. What is discarded is the fear that loosing the familiar will create a loss of self. People who are confident can embrace change, because they are empowered, and this also allows them to move beyond past occurrences that may have been negative. If a person expects the same bad thing to happen over and over, then they are not only rejecting the possibilities of change, but repeating their mistakes because they are stuck in a mindset that cannot see beyond what they already know.

The term “ego” gets a lot of bad press, but there are two sides to the concept, and mentally strong people essentially have a way of finding balance between the good and bad aspects of the ego. On the positive side, working from an ego base allows for the confidence, responsibility, and personal power to create a foundation that is stable. The aspects of ego that desire familiarity and see fear in any changes are shelved, since these are impediments to further growth. In essence, those who are mentally strong are self-actuated, and accept all parts of themselves in a manner that is beneficial, by drawing on strengths and choosing to architect their own lives, rather than accepting that their lives are dictated by circumstance.