Life Lessons For Building Your Business And Relationships

Meeting new people and learning something new every day has got to be one of the joys of owning your own business.  Here is a list of 10 life lessons that can be applied to building your business and long-term relationships.

Apply the lessons you learned in kindergarten about playing nice and sharing things to your business environment.  Live by the Golden Rule and work together as a team.

As college hall of fame basketball coach John Wooden once said, you should awaken every morning and think about what you can do for an individual who may never repay you.

Being in business always involves some level of risk-taking.  You can’t be afraid to go out on a limb once in a while if you want to discover new business opportunities.

Draw your energy from the people you surround yourself with.  The more positive and upbeat these people are, the more energetic you will be.

Even if you have the best ideas, highest skills, and ideal product, you won’t do well unless you have the client’s or customer’s attention and have built a strong relationship with them.

Every working relationship has a tipping point.  If you come unglued and lose your cool, you will lose your leverage in those relationships.  So don’t let the unimportant things get to you.

The lack of communication can be a roadblock to getting what you want out of your business or a relationship.  Remember, the essence of your business is persistence.

There will be times when meeting in the middle is not the best option.  Sometimes you have to draw a hard line, stand your ground, and stay committed to your beliefs.

Whenever possible go beyond the call of duty and give people more than what they expect.  In other words, under-promise and over-deliver.

Most importantly, Australia is a great place to set up a business and make a living.  Dorothy from the Wizard of Oz was definitely right when she said “There’s no place like home!”