Most Common Reasons For Not Reaching Your Potential

When you stop and think about it, an individual who is not reaching his or her potential can only blame themselves.  Ironically, they may not even realize that they are hindering the achievement of their goals in the process.  But if you can figure out what you are doing and why this is keeping you from reaching that potential, then you may just be able to turn those lifelong dreams into reality.  The following is a list of the most common reasons that people fail to reach their potential.

You are afraid to leave your comfort zone – it’s much easier to do what you have always done rather than challenging yourself to be great.  Remember, if you always do what you have always done, you’ll always get what you’ve always got.

You continually underestimate yourself – this is usually the biggie when it comes to not reaching your potential.  If you continually doubt yourself and assume that you will fail, then you are going to – plain and simple.  Remember, you are here for a divine purpose.  Look for it, believe it, achieve it.

You don’t do what you love and you don’t love what you do – how many of you feel that you are not where you had hoped you would be in your life? If you hate your current job or feel that you stuck in a go-nowhere career, then it is time to change directions.

You listen to your environment instead of your inner being – we constantly undergo external discouragement.  Some individuals hope you fail while others tell you that you cannot make it.  Stop listening to them and start listening to your heart.

You procrastinate – never put off what you could start doing now.  When we push things to the side, they never get done.  Once you realize you are doing this, it makes perfect sense to start pursuing your dreams.