How Productive Is Your Workspace?

The layout and overall look of a workspace can lend a great deal to the amount of productivity that is achieved within it, and creating a workspace that promotes productivity is ideal for any type of business. Some seemingly unrelated, and sometimes silly, factors can contribute to a more productive workspace, while some seemingly obvious office traits can actually lead to employees being less productive. Things like floor plans, decorations, windows, the weather, and even the temperature of an office can either help or hinder the amount of productivity occurring inside, and making your workspace a setting that allows for easy productivity is one way to lead you to success.

Studies have shown that there are some odd factors that go into create a productive workspace, and the pictures you may see in offices of amusing or baby animals may actually contribute to productivity. It has been proven through various psychological studies performed since 2009 that cute or endearing images actually enhance mental focus and motor skills, so that co-worker’s “kittens of the day” calendar may actually be helping them, you, and all within sight range to accomplish more throughout the day. It is thought that seeing these images triggers an instinctual psychological response to be careful and pay attention, as a person would do if they were in the actual presence of a baby or small animal, but in the workspace this instinct causes a person to be more careful with their work.

It has also been shown that the worse the weather is outside, the better the level of productivity is inside, as great weather can create a harmful distraction. While the weather is beautiful outside, employees will typically long for and think of all of the activities that they could be doing, or may be doing after work, to enjoy a lovely day. While this is a great thought, and does wonders for employee moods, it also causes them to be less productive throughout the day as they are more likely to stall in completing their daily tasks. Because the weather cannot be controlled, it is recommended that placing desks away from large windowed areas is one sure way to combat this lack of productivity, and help employees to remain focused while at the workplace. Another method that some business may use is to allow employees a shorter day when exceptional weather is present, in the hopes that any lost hours will be made up for in increased productivity during not so pleasant days.