Six Ways To Deal With Stress When Starting Up A Business

In a New York Times article published several years ago, author Jay Goltz was quoted as saying “. . . I often think stress should be spelled ‘$tre$$’. . . ”  You can understand his comment when you consider that the highest paying career positions carry the highest amount of stress.  Fortunately, there are 6 ways to deal with that, especially if you are just starting up your business.

First, properly identify the problem – many entrepreneurs will claim that the problem is the lack of sales when in reality it may be bad management, bad marketing, or poor financial management.

Always maintain a positive attitude – negative thinking leads to failure.  It’s just that simple.  But even if you fail, get over it and take the hit.  There is no shame in failure when you made the effort to succeed.  You did your best, now move on.

Be forgiving of yourself – you cannot run a business without making mistakes.  It’s an exercise in futility that you can ill afford to practice if you continually beat up on yourself about your mistakes.

Don’t point fingers – as the sole owner and operator of your business, you have to accept the responsibility for what goes right and what doesn’t.  You have no one to point your finger at.

Keep things in perspective – although they may not happen to you personally, bad things happen all the time because life is never fair.  Just look around you and you will see what we mean.  Every successful entrepreneur experiences serious problems on their journey.  The key is to avoid sweating the small stuff and the things beyond your control.


Separate your anxieties from your fears – while anxiety is irrational and unwarranted worry, fear is a healthy and rational emotion that keeps up continually focused and prevents reckless behaviour.