The Biggest Marketing Mistakes Today’s Mumpreneurs Make

Mumpreneurs – those new business players who are moms as well as small business owners – are a growing segment of the Australian business world. And as their numbers grow, so does the importance of standing out from all the others. Marketing is the key to getting the right kind of attention, but many women struggle with their marketing efforts.

You probably haven’t went to college for marketing, and even if you have there could be a number of big mistakes you’re making. Here are a few of the biggest ones you need to be aware of.

  • Don’t compare yourself to others. Looking at what all of your competition is doing often ends up with you doing a similar look alike style of marketing. What you really need to do is stand out, so don’t let the plans of others influence your own plan too much.
  • Know your business. You should know every facet of your company – what it does best, what makes it unique, why it works, and what it offers to the public. Once you know your business and how it stands out, target your marketing based on its strengths.
  • Get personal. No, don’t rush out and create a smear campaign against your competitor. Instead, turn your company into your personal face – a character that people will identify with. Today’s clients value a personal connection with the companies they do business with, and if you put your personality into your marketing efforts it will lead to some significant results.
  • Pay attention to the kind of results you get. Track what works and what doesn’t, whether it’s through online metrics, examinations of your profit margin, or even – best of all – surveys offered to customers and clients. Knowing what is effective lets you evolve your marketing strategy until it is a perfect machine designed to get your company serious results.