The Dos And Donts Of Landing Pages

Every shop owner knows that what people see in their window is what’s going to draw potential customers into their store. And every online business owner should know that what people see on their landing page is what’s going to draw people into their website. A well-designed landing page will can help bring more traffic to your site and increase sales or conversions. But just like a poorly presented shop window fails to pique the interest of potential customers enough to bring them inside, so a poorly designed landing page will not be interesting enough to get the click that will bring the online viewer onto your website. It’s not that hard to create a landing page that will wow those online window shoppers enough to bring the directly to your site. Just follow these simple dos and don’ts and you’ll have an outstanding landing page in no time.

Do Wow Them With Your Headlines And Copy

First impressions are always important whether someone is meeting you in person or on your landing page. If you want that potential customer to have a good impression of your business you need to wow them from the beginning with headlines that say “you can’t pass this up” and copy that will compel them to click through your site.

Do Let Them Know They Can Trust You

People don’t know who to trust in the online world so it’s important to make sure to remove all doubt about your credibility. Prominently displaying any trust markers you have such as Verified by Visa or Paypal logos will reassure potential customers that yours is one site they can trust.

Do Make Sure To Test Your Landing Page Regularly

It’s important to make the most of behavioural marketing by testing your landing page regularly and using the results to give your users the best experience possible.

Don’t Make Your Landing Page Too Busy

Don’t dilute the effectives of our message by using too many graphics or links to non-important sites. Your customers need to see a simple message on your landing page so they know what’s they’re supposed to do once you’ve got them interested in your site.

Don’t Let Spelling Or Grammar Mistakes Spoil The Effect

Spellcheck makes it’s easy to take care of any spelling or grammar mistakes and your potential customers know it. If you can’t take the time to proof your copy, they won’t take the time to read it. You’ll also want to make sure everything’s correct if you want the new Google algorithm to include your site in its list of search results.

Don’t Distract With Long Contact Forms or Pop-ups

A landing page should be a quick introduction to your business, not the place where you try to sell a product or gather information. Forms and pop-ups take up time that your potential customers don’t have, and will most likely inspire them to move on quickly from your landing page.

Creating a good landing page that will attract customers isn’t hard but it does take some thought and time to plan it out. It’s definitely worth the extra effort to increase sales.