Three Reasons Being An Entrepreneur Rocks

Once you decide it’s time to start your own business, you become a lot of things. You’re independent, you’re your own boss, you are, as the business and financial sections of the newspaper like to say, an entrepreneur. But what does that mean, besides having a fancy new label you can put on a name tag or business card? There are actually a lot of reasons why this will be a good thing for you. Here are the most important!

You’re In Control

Sure, that sounds like stating the obvious, but it is also one of the biggest motivations for going it alone. The thing to remember about being in control is that it also means being responsible and accountable for the consequences of your actions. When things go wrong, you can’t complain about management’s stupid decision and how you would’ve done it differently, you ARE management, these are YOUR decisions that went wrong.
That’s simultaneously a scary and a very liberating place to be.

Your Time Is Your Own

It’s a weird thing to think after years of being an employee, but once you are a boss, your time doesn’t belong to someone else, and you’re no longer being paid to give it. Your time is your own. What you do with it will affect you directly. You can use it to come up with great new ideas, develop your marketing to get your name and business out there, or take some time off during the day to let your children know that you are always there for them. Time is more precious than money now, because how you spend your time will make your money.

You Will Learn & Be Tested

Everything will be a learning experience now. Absolutely everything. Becoming a boss for the first time means growing as a person, even if you don’t think you’ll change much yourself. It’s more likely you’ll surprise yourself by finding out how much more capable you are than you ever suspected. This is a chance to grow, so take it! Have fun with it!