Three Things Work At Home Mums Need To Remember

Taking the big jump to stop being an employee and come back home to be a mother and run your own business can be scary. But it can also be liberating, challenging, and maybe one of the best decisions you’ve ever made for your career and your family life. But if you’re starting out, there are a few important things you really need to keep in mind on this new venture. Here are three of the most important.


Yes, that sounds counterproductive, but if you’re coming from a traditional job at an office, you may not realize this until your “first day at work,” but… you’re alone now! You have the kids, sure, but no more colleagues just at the next desk, no more officemates, no more going out to lunch in a gang to commiserate about the morning. It’s just you now! Make sure it doesn’t stay that way, have some kind of support network to keep in touch so that loneliness doesn’t begin to affect your work!

Have A Workspace & Outfit

You might think working at home means wearing your comfy, “loaf around” clothes and staying in bed with a laptop. Hey, maybe you’re lucky and you’re one of those rare people that can make this work! Or maybe you’re like many of us, and once you get out of the space where you feel like you need to work, you’re not so good at it. Make an office or other workspace somewhere in your home. And have some clothes to wear to get you in the mood. It’ll make all the difference.

Set Your Hours

Many people have the misconception that once they decide to work for themselves and at home, it’s like a working vacation. If only that were true! You’ll find that once it’s YOUR business and YOUR money that you’re making or spending, you’ll want to work more. Don’t. Set your hours and stick to them. Working yourself to death will just hurt your performance and affect your family. Getting away from the office was supposed to fix that, remember?