How To Work Less And Be More Productive In The Process

It goes without saying that better time management is the secret to achieving financial success and leading a richly rewarding life in the process.  In so many words, you have to work smarter, not harder.  Here are 10 helpful tips for accomplishing more and working less.

Focus on your strong points – it’s important to concentrate on what you do best throughout your workday so that you can manage your time better and be more productive.

Get a good night’s sleep – this will help you recharge your batteries so you’re not nodding off at your desk during the day.

Give yourself a break every now and then – sometimes it helps to get up and walk away from your desk just to clear your head so you can focus on the tasks at hand.

If possible, use two computers – dedicate one for work and one for personal activities.  If this is not possible, use two different browsers for personal activities and work.

Listen to your favorite music while working – you’d be amazed at how motivating this can be and how it can improve your productivity.

Make your health your #1 priority – try to eat healthy and get some exercise whenever possible to support a stronger immune system.

Prioritize your daily agendas – the minute you get to work, make up your daily agenda and prioritize each item on the list.  As you complete each task on your list, check it off.

Reduce distractions – you have enough distractions to contend with throughout the day.  So reduce them in order to better focus on the work at hand.

Stop and call it a day – unless you have an important deadline pending, set up a daily quitting time and stick to your schedule.